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Home / News / Local Vaccination Programme updates (revised March 3)
Home / News / Local Vaccination Programme updates (revised March 3)

Local Vaccination Programme updates (revised March 3)

Published 00:00 on 28 Feb 2021

Like many organisations WWSC has been asked to help keep local people updated on the critically important Covid-19 vaccination programme. This page is being used to pass on all the latest news on vaccinations to those in the local area from our Vaccination Champion Jim Robertson.

Latest Bulletin

Now it's time for all the over 60s to get the jab!

Click here for today's Daily Brief for Sussex (March 2) which explains the process.

Finally here is a link to the NHS web page with answers to other Frequently Asked Questions.

Previous Daily Updates

Daily Update February 23 2021

Daily Update February 16 2021

Now it's time for Groups 5 & 6

Below are some important messages about changes to the arrangements for people in these 2 Groups.

Group 5 - over 65s

Booking for this group went live on Friday evening (February 12).

This means that those in group 5 do not need to wait for a letter but are now invited to book via the national booking service for an appointment at a mass vaccination centre or community pharmacy-led site, either online here or by calling 119. You no longer have to wait for the letter to book. Importantly, it would seem that this group will not be contacted by the local GP-led services, though they can have an appointment via the local GP-led services if they do not wish to or cannot attend a mass vaccination centre or pharmacy. However, we are seeking clarification as to how people can access this; we don't want to tell people to contact their GP surgery unnecessarily, as we know some practices have been reluctant to take calls to discuss the vaccination programme (in the main, they are not the ones making the bookings), however we do not want people to be waiting for an invitation that isn't coming.

So, for now, people can book via the national service, but if they do want a vaccination more local to them, we are hoping to get clarification soon as to how they will be booked and will put this information on our website when confirmed (and we will let vaccination champions know). And to confirm, this is a national rather than local change.

Group 6 'at risk' and informal carers

If you are unsure as to whether or not you fall into group 6 you can refer to the panel towards the bottom right of this poster which gives examples of the kinds of conditions included. However, it should be pointed out that it is your GP who will determine whether or not you are in this group so, if you have any issue with this, you should contact your GP practice. As a general rule (though not exclusively), people who are called each year by their GP for their free flu jab would be likely to fall into this group.

People in this 'at risk' group will be contacted by their local GP-led service from today (February 16) with an appointment or an invitation to book an appointment. There are lots of people in this group (around 7 million), so not everyone will hear immediately.

Group 6 are not currently able to book via the national online or 119 system; they must wait for the invitation from their GP-led service.

Information for carers

Eligible adult carers will be contacted via the National Booking System (NBS) to receive an invitation to book vaccination through Vaccination Centres, Community Pharmacy local vaccination services (LVS) or Hospital Hubs, once a list compiled by NHSE in conjunction with Local Authorities has been produced.

Local systems may choose to flex these arrangements based on the needs of their populations and GP-led services should be prepared to administer vaccinations to eligible adult carers who choose to receive vaccination in LVS settings, and are coded as such on the GP system.

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Further useful information

Click here for further information and FAQs from our local area Health & Care Partnership for Sussex

Jim's briefing on the Selsey and Tangmere Vaccination Centres (January 18)

A. Being invited to have a vaccine:-

  1. The NHS is using an independent company "Innovations in Primary Care" (IPC) to invite patients to the vaccination centres. So if they call you then it is genuine.
  2. Initially the local surgeries were also helping but now they are only using IPC. At the point of overlap (January 18) there were more queues than normal (maybe 20 people)
  3. The invitations are not by alphabetical or age order they are almost random.
  4. If you are called and there is no reply they include you in the calls the next day.
  5. No one will be missed out in each cohort
  6. If you get the call and you have no means of transport from friends or family then see attached "Transport to vaccination centre" below
  7. If you are genuinely housebound and cannot travel to the Selsey or Tangmere Vaccination Centres then let IPC know and they will put you in touch with the appropriate people for the roving vaccinations.
  8. The majority of the people in our area SW Manhood Peninsula - will be called to Selsey Vaccination Centre

Information to bring with you to the Vaccination Centres:-

  1. Your NHS number is helpful and might save some time
  2. You will also be asked about any allergies you have.
  3. You will be asked for your Name, Date of Birth, & Post code

B. Progress

  1. Training and setting up the vaccination centre was completed on Friday 15th January and vaccinations commenced that day. Tangmere is one day ahead of Selsey.
  2. On Monday (January 18) the Selsey team used up their first batch of 975 doses (based on 5+ doses per vial). In actual fact they can sometimes get 6 doses per vial so that amounts to more than 1000 people who have received their jab since Friday. Each batch has to be used up within 3 ½ days
  3. The majority of these doses have gone to the 80+ cohort 2 (see attached Cohort ordering below), but some have been used on NHS staff and vaccinators in the centre. The 80+ cohort 2 will continue all this week.
  4. At 11:00 hrs on Monday the next vaccine batch of 975 doses arrived, just in time, as planned. This should last until Friday.
  5. Currently the Pfizer vaccine is being used, and the constraint on speed of vaccination is due to the slow rotation of each vial 10 times immediately before it is used.
  6. There have been very few no-shows of patients and absolutely no vaccine has been wasted.
  7. This could all change if/when the AstraZeneca vaccine is used in Selsey.
  8. I have asked for and have been promised a weekly progress update of cohorts and numbers vaccinated.
  9. For your awareness, roving GPs are concurrently visiting Care Homes vaccinating Cohort 1 with the AstraZeneca vaccine.
  10. For your information, you have a 15 minute sit down after the jab whilst you are being observed for any reactions

C. Parking and waiting time & social distancing.

  1. Generally there has been no problem with parking. The staff park their vehicles off the site.
  2. Queueing has not been a problem apart from the crossover of invites (see A.2 above).
  3. At times it looks like the outside queue is not social distancing and is much more than 20 people, but it is caused by partners or carers with their patients.
  4. Social distancing, hand sanitising and masks are stipulated throughout the centre. Everything is clearly marked out and admin staff are there to welcome, check on your current health and guide you throughout - all very efficient.

D. Feedback from Patients after their vaccination

  1. All patients Jim spoke with were incredibly enthusiastic and impressed by the efficiency of the Selsey Vaccination Centre
  2. Everything was running very smoothly and it appeared that the optimum number of patients were being vaccinated.
  3. The majority of patients found the jab quite painless as it is a very fine needle.
  4. You tend to have a sore arm the next day but it soon disappears. (One patient I know got very excited as he normally wakes up with bad arthritis in his shoulder each morning and it had disappeared the first morning after his jab unfortunately it returned on the 2nd morning!!)
  5. So far, all I have heard is praise for the way the NHS is now progressing the vaccinations! Well done to all involved.


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