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Home / Club / Our Renewals Process
Home / Club / Our Renewals Process

Our Renewals Process

This page explains the processes we use for renewing (a) annual membership subscriptions and (b) purchasing of boat storage plaques, car park passes, and engine store stickers.

These processes changed at the end of 2019 so you may want to refresh your understanding on how they work.

(a) Renewing your annual subscription

To simplify things for our members we assume that all existing full members will want to renew their memberships unless they inform us by 30 November in the preceding year that they want to resign or change their membership.

You no longer have to log in to your WWSC online account in order to confirm you wish to remain a member. Instead we simply remind members around the time of the AGM that they need to let us know if they want to resign.

Members will receive an invoice by email before the end of December requesting payment of the subscription for the following year. This invoice is your confirmation of membership renewal. You will be asked to pay it by January 14 of the new membership year.

If you are a membership that does not need boat plaques, car park or engine store stickers, that is all you need to do to renew your subscription.

(b) Purchase of boat storage plaques, car park passes, and engine store stickers for the upcoming season

Members who need any of the above items will need to complete an online Request Form when they renew their membership each year.

Boat plaques etc. held the previous year will not be renewed automatically. Instead requests will be assessed each year against the overall demand and available capacity to ensure that, if space is short, the spaces are shared out fairly.

How we do this

Immediately after the annual AGM, the "primary member" within every WWSC membership will receive an email from the Club. This will contain the link to the online Request Form.

  • Members who do not want any of these items do not need to respond.
  • The deadline for submitting the online Form will be 2 weeks after it is sent or the end of November (whichever is longer).
  • If a completed Form is not received within this period, we will assume that none of these items is required by that membership.
  • The Club will process the Forms and so far as possible try to meet members' requests.
  • If demand for boat storage exceeds the available space, we will allocate plaques as fairly as possible among members.

We will confirm the items allocated to each membership by including them in the annual subscription invoice that will be sent out to every membership at the end of December.

The New Form (for illustration purposes only)


One of my children is now over 18?

Children can only be part of a Family (or Parent & Child) Membership if they are under 18 on January 1 of the membership year.

The Club will identify those who no longer qualify and will assume they wish to move to our reduced price Young Adult membership unless advised to the contrary.

Where this means no other children are left in the previous Family or Parent & Child membership, the Club will move the parent(s) to a Partners or Single membership as appropriate.

If a member wishes to change their membership type for any other reason, they should inform the Club Secretary by the end of November in year preceding the change.

I don't use email?

Email communication is what enables the Club to function staffed almost entirely by unpaid volunteers. However, there are a few longstanding members who don't have email. These members will be able to apply for their boat spaces, etc. by completing a paper copy of the online Request Form which may be obtained from the Club Secretary.

I discover I need an additional plaque during the season?

You can only buy a plaque for a boat that you (or someone in your membership) already owns and have registered with the club. So if you are thinking of buying a new boat that you wish to keep at the club you should first contact the Club Secretary to check the availability of that type of plaque. This will avoid you going ahead and finding there are no remaining spaces. If possible we will try to meet your request but please note that, with limited space, it will help us if you are able to release any existing plaques that you no longer need.

I've changed my boat during the season

Every WWSC plaque is linked to a specific named boat. Plaques are NOT transferable between boats. So, if you change your boat during the season, you should contact the Club Secretary. As space is limited, requests for boat plaques from members who are also handing back plaques no longer needed are more likely to be successful. If you are planning to change your boat for the season ahead but have not yet bought it, you are strongly advised to let us know of your plan in the online Request Form so we can take you plans into account.

How do I choose the type of plaque? You can read more about this on our web page here. This will help you choose the right type of plaque for your particular boat.

Last updated 10:28 on 22 October 2021

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