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Home / Sailing / Racing / Racing during the Pandemic
Home / Sailing / Racing / Racing during the Pandemic

Racing during the Pandemic

This page covers:

Some General Rules for sailing in WWSC events during the pandemic

We appeal to all members taking part in Club racing to support us and each other by:

  • Not coming to the Club if you are experiencing Covid symptoms or are part of a household that has someone who has been asked by Test & Trace to isolate.
  • Keeping a 2m distance between yourself and anyone not in your household.
  • In addition to this during Steps 1 & 2 not forming groups of more than 6 people (or 2 households) anywhere on land, even if you are all 2m apart (the "Rule of 6"). Minimise time spent at "pinch points".
  • Avoiding touching other peoples' boats, trolleys or equipment.
  • Obeying the signage on use of the Hut, Sail, Engine and Fuel stores and toilets (which will be open).
  • Making sure your boat has a painter at least 2.5m long attached in case you need to be towed and consider using a mast head float when conditions make it more likely you could capsize
  • Only setting sail in conditions well within your competence. Covid rules mean it is difficult to provide close-in support during a rescue and we want to reduce the need for this to a minimum. Parents have a particular responsibility in this and should if necessary take advice from WWSC instructors or the Race team where juniors are concerned.

Amendments to our Racing Arrangements due to Covid-19

In order to comply with our Covid Policy of following Government Guidance and RYA advice, we have adapted our normal racing procedures (and where necessary the Sailing Instructions for Racing under Covid-19 (2021)) as below:

  • If the crew of a double-handed boat do not come from a single household, they should first assess the risk of sailing together following RYA advice here. It is the crews' responsibility (not the Club's) to comply with this requirement. The rules applying to those sharing boats as part of a race duty are covered separately below.
  • The RO may refuse permission for a particular boat or boats to race if the conditions are judged unsuitable for it and its crew.
  • Sign-on and sign-off arrangements will be different so as to avoid the need for sailors to fill in their names before and after the race on a sheet (see below for details).
  • Class 1 and Class 2 start times may be separated by a longer gap to reduce crowding at the Hard and the time pressures when rigging and launching
  • Where possible we will email those registered the course. In addition we will use multiple course display boards and place these apart on the Green and/or at the Hut to minimise the need for people to crowd around them
  • A Beachmaster may be used to co-ordinate the launching of boats so as to reduce crowding. Please give him/her your support. Don't worry, the RO will delay the start if needed!
  • When returning after racing please don't all arrive back at the Hard at once! If necessary, enjoy sailing around a bit longer before your "final approach" and clear the landing point as soon as you can.

Signing on and off

We ask all members who are considering taking part to register their interest in advance. You do this by "booking" your place via our website here selecting the appropriate race or series. You will be asked to provide:

  • Your boat name, the sail number you will display, and class type (so the RO can easily identify you on the water)
  • Helm name (and if appropriate crew name)

Registering is free, does not commit you in any way, and the numbers of places are unlimited so if you are not sure which boat or which sail number you'll be using, register them all. The idea is simply to let the RO have as much information as possible in advance about the boats/crews who might turn up on the day. Then the RO and team can just tick off those who do set sail and report in at the start (see below).

So "sign on" will be the helm confirming to the RO (in the Committee Boat at the start line) their intention to participate in that day's racing. If for some reason you have not registered in advance, you will still be allowed to enter by providing your details orally to the RO at the start - but please do minimise the need to do this by registering!

"Sign off" will be by the boat finishing, or if retiring by confirming this to the RO at the Committee Boat or, if this is not possible, by informing a Club Safety Boat. If you do not use one of these methods to say you have retired, we will assume you have completed the course in accordance with the rules.

Sharing a duty with someone from a different household [NEW]

Under Step 3 the Government has introduced flexibility in the application of the "1 metre plus" social distancing rule when meeting friends or family. Provided members are cautious they may choose to utilise this to do shared powerboat duties with those from outside their immediate household. Sharing of boats is also allowed under RYA Guidance . By following the advice below you will reduce any risks when sharing a boat. Members are expected to take personal responsibility for following these arrangements.

  1. You must not share a boat if you or anyone in your household has an elevated risk of Covid. If this is the case, you must contact the Club to be released from your duty.
  2. You should avoid shouting and minimise time spent face-to-face with others in close proximity.
  3. When on the boat you should try to maintain a separation of at least 1m from those not in your household.
  4. If 1m separation is not possible, you should not share the boat for more than 15min OR if that is not practicable consider whether those sharing the boat should wear a face covering. A supply is available in the Club Hut if you did not bring your own.
  5. You should ALWAYS maintain a minimum of at least a 0.5m separation from people from a different household.

Last updated 11:12 on 17 August 2021

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