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Home / Junior Sailing / Renting Club Sailing Dinghies

Renting Club Sailing Dinghies

Online booking of Club Dinghies will open on April 12. Don't forget that existing approved users need to sign the 2021 waiver form before booking. New users will need to attend a short onshore induction - details below.

Renting during the Covid-19 Pandemic [NEW]

Following a review by the Club's Covid Team, the Club has removed the mandatory quarantine of 2020 and substituted a requirement for renters to sanitise the boat before use. You can read our full risk assessment and see the control measures we have put in place here (the key change from 2020 is shown in red below):

  • All renters will need to be "Covid" approved to rent a specific type of boat. You won't be able to rent a boat until this has happened.
  • This will mean reading the "Terms & Conditions" and when you are happy signing the 2021 digital Form to confirm that you understand and accept all the obligations of renting
  • You will need to do this for each type of Club dinghy (see below).
  • You must only touch the specific boat you have rented and you must not let people from outside your household touch the boat or its equipment
  • And before and after use, you must wash or sanitise your hands
  • If anyone in your household has Covid-19 symptoms or is shielding you should not use the boat (your rental will be refunded)
  • Before using the boat you should spray each part you will touch (including trolley handle) with the environmentally friendly sanitiser the Club provides. You will find this in a garden sprayer kept in the Club Hut.

You can complete and submit the new digital "Covid-19" Approved User Form here (no printing required!).

New-Renter Inductions

We are no longer running on-demand inductions for new renters. Instead we will offer sessions at various points in the season so please be sure to attend one of these if you have any interest in renting a boat during 2021. The first sessions are being run by Chief Instructor Chris Gorton on:

  • Saturday 17th April at 10.30am
  • Sunday 25th April at 2.30pm

Due to Covid restrictions, numbers are limited so you will need to contact Chris to book a place. If you miss these sessions you will have to wait until we organise further induction days later on in the season.

Suitability of Club rental boats for different ages and sizes


The club has 10 SailQubes (or equivalents) - a design based on the International Optimist but simpler and more robust. The Optimist is the world's biggest junior class and is most suitable for sailors between 6 and 12 years old but is sailed fully competitively up to 14 or 15 years old. At the 2016 Olympics, 85% of medallists started competing in an Optimist. You can book a SailQube here.


The Club has 3 Toppers which are a very popular boat with club juniors aged 10-16. Toppers are robust and used as fun boats as well as being raced seriously at a high level. A Topper's sail area makes it unsuitable for younger or smaller children who are learning to sail - they would be much better suited to a SailQube or Oppie. You can book a Topper here.

RS Zests and Pico

The Club has 2 RS Zests which are a more modern version of the Laser Pico which the Club also owns. The RS Zest and Pico can be sailed with a crew of one or two people and can be sailed with or without a jib or foresail. They are larger than a Topper and so suitable for those who find a Topper somewhat cramped. They are not suitable for young children (i.e. those between 6 and 12). Oli Bonar has produced an excellent video on "How to rig a Zest". You can book a Zest or Pico here.

RS Fevas

Our 3 RS Fevas are double-handers which are a design of boat aimed at teenagers who want to learn the skills of sailing a crewed boat and may want to take up racing. RS Fevas are raced extensively across the UK at a high level and have an asymmetric spinnaker (sometimes called a gennaker) which may or may not be used depending on experience. It is possible to sail them as singlehanders, in which case the jib may not be rigged although a forestay to support the mast will need to be rigged. You can book a Feva here.

Online Booking

Members of WWSC are able to book any of our Club sailing dinghies using the "Book Online" facility on this website or via the dinghy type links above.

To make a booking you will need first to become a 2021 Covid "Approved User" (or renew your 2020 approval) in the appropriate type of boat. For new users this involves attending a short, socially-distanced, shore-based induction session (to learn about the boats and satisfy the Club you will look after them and sail them safely) as explained in the revised Renting Club Dinghies (V2.1 - Covid) Terms & Conditions so you are covered by the Club's insurance. All members (even those renewing) must return a digitally signed Approved User Form for the 2021 season.

Unfortunately WWSC cannot rent boats to non-members.

On days when the Club is using the boats for official training you will not be able to make a "private" booking. and you will see they are all marked as "booked". On these days the club will allocate the boats to members on the training who have requested use of a Club dinghy. So, if you are using a Club boat during a Club training event you do not need to reserve a boat yourself.

A step-by-step online booking guide is included as an Appendix at the end of the Renting Club Dinghies (V2.1 - Covid).

Cost of Renting

SailQubes or Oppies or Toppers cost just £12 per day. While for the Pico, Zests or Fevas we charge £15 per day. This is great value and covers insurance, harbour plaques and maintenance. If you want to try out sailing before buying, this is a great way to do it!

If you have any queries please email the Club Dinghy Administrator and if you haven' rented before do watch out for news on when the next Group Induction session is happening.


Last updated 11:12 on 17 August 2021

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