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Home / Sailing / Racing / Handicaps for the 2020 Season
Home / Sailing / Racing / Handicaps for the 2020 Season

Handicaps for the 2020 Season

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The Table below shows the Portsmouth Yardstick Numbers (PYNs) your Sailing Team has decided to use at the start of the 2020 racing season.

Setting handicaps for racing between different designs is not easy and we have followed the best practice recommended to clubs by RYA. This means we start by looking at the RYA's published list of PYNs noting they are based on results submitted from clubs across the country, including many whose conditions are dissimilar to those in Chichester Harbour and do not cover all our classes. As recommended by the RYA, we have therefore adjusted these published national PYNs to take account of local conditions and looked elsewhere for classes not included. We do this using the RYA's own tool to evaluate the data returned from 7 Chichester Harbour Clubs over past years and also checking to see if there have been significant shifts when looking at just the last 3 seasons. In addition we have taken into account the "WWSC data only" results where these appear to show a class of boat is performing differently in our racing to those reported at other clubs.

In the Table below we first show the PYN used for each class in the 2019 racing at WWSC. Then there are 2 columns which show PYNs computed from the WWSC-only and Chichester Harbour data 2017 to 2019. The next column shows the RYA national PYN proposed for 2020. Finally we give the Sailing Team's agreed WWSC PYNs for use in 2020 (in Green) with a brief comment on its basis. Where the computed PYN from local data is based on only very few results (and often just 1 boat), we have placed more weight on the national data.

The Committee intends to review the racing results for the first half of the season and make changes to PY numbers, if warranted, prior to the start of Regatta Week, which will then be valid for the rest of the season.

This year we will again experiment with applying "personal handicaps" if only to add an additional element of interest to our Regatta Week Races. (Personal handicaps are based on the results achieved by a particular helm + boat combination in previous WWSC races.) They will not replace the normal Class-based PYNs but will be used in parallel with them and reveal how a boat's performance changes from race to race.

PYN based on
2017-2019 data from:
FOR 2020
FOR 2020
WWSC Chichester
2000 1085 1073 1103 1114 1087 In line with RYA increase and midway between
WW & Chi (2017-19 data) values
4000 917 945 923 917 923 Chichester Harbour value
420 1105 1106 1108 1105 1108 Chichester Harbour value
Bembridge Scow 1526 1553 n/a n/a 1540 Recognition of recent performance
Chichester Scow 1466 1475 1437 n/a 1466 Should really be 1437
Contender 969 956 955 969 963 Move towards Chi Harbour value
Cornish Coble 1395 1428 n/a n/a 1410 Recognition of recent performance
Devon Yawl 1189 1184 1194 n/a 1189 Midway between WW & Chi (2017-19 data) values
Flying Dutchman 879 849 n/a 879 879 Stick with historic given low confidence factor of other data
Gull 1363 1392 1392 1363 1378 Recognition of recent performance
Laser 1099 1099 1104 1100 1100 Consistent with RYA increase
Laser 4.7 1210 1216 1205 1208 1210 Midway between WW & Chi (2017-19 data) values
Laser Radial 1137 1147 1150 1147 1148 Midway between WW & Chi (2017-19 data) values
Lightning 368 1162, then 1150 1150 1155 1162 1155 Chi Harbour data value
Lymington River Scow 1443 1428 n/a 1475 1436 Recognition of recent performance
RS Feva (training rig) 1270 1282 n/a n/a 1276 Effectively a WWSC handicap (no other data available)
RS 600 916 n/a 927 920 920 RYA value given low confidence factor of local data
Solo 1148 n/a 1148 1142 1148 Chi Harbour data value
Solution 1089 1137 1122 1092 1092 RYA value given low confidence factor of local data
Supernova 1080 1092 1094 1077 1087 Move towards Chi data value
Supernova Lite 1160 1190 n/a n/a 1175 Recognition of recent performance
Topper 1350 1370 1347 1365 1365 RYA to encourage more WWSC Topper racing
Topper 4.2 1430 n/a 1421 1409 1426 Move towards Chi data value
Wayfarer 1130 1132 1108 1102 1130 A bespoke handicap for no spinnaker rig

Last updated 09:54 on 24 December 2020

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