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Home / Club / Membership Renewals - a Guide
Home / Club / Membership Renewals - a Guide

Membership Renewals - a Guide

As we all only have to do it once every year, it's very easy to forget how WWSC renewals work. This page provides a step-by-step guide. Despite appearances, renewal is quite straightforward and most members manage to complete the process in just a few minutes.

The Club membership year runs from January 1 to December 31 so your decision on whether or not to renew should be communicated to us by completing our online renewal process before the end of December. The earlier you can do this, the more time we have after Christmas to compile the lists of members and boats which we have to set up for printing as part of our 2020 Members' Handbook. You don't have to pay at the time you renew but doing so may make it less likely you will forget! Whenever you decide to pay, all Invoices for renewals should have been settled by January 14 at the latest.


  1. The primary member within every membership is the person who will receive the renewal email in early December. In most (but not all) cases the Primary Member is also the person set up to pay the invoices for the account.
  2. Only the person nominated to pay can fill in the online renewal form. So if you find you can't renew when you log in, this will almost certainly be because another person (e.g. your parent) is responsible for your renewal. Don't worry just ask them to log in on their account and renew for you.
  3. The renewal screen has several stages labelled A to E below. You need to provide answers to every stage in order to complete your renewal
  4. In every case, your first step should be to log in to the "Members only" area of the WWSC website. To log in just click "Log in" at the top right hand corner of the web page. Then enter your login email address and your password. If you have forgotten your password, just click the "Forgotten password?" button and you will be sent an email with instructions how to reset it. If you have forgotten your login email, you will need to contact the Club Secretary. NB The login email address you enter must be exactly the same as the one you have registered with us.
  5. Once you are logged in, click on "Renew" which is a menu item on the right hand side of the page. If you are using a device with a small screen, you may need to scroll downwards to see it. When the "Renew" screen opens, follow the instructions below.

A. Renewal of your Membership(s)

This is the first part of renewal.

  1. At the top of the screen you will see the current membership type for yourself (or for any other 18+ person for whose membership you are paying) together with the type of membership that is being offered for renewal in 2020. If this type is not correct, stop and email the Club Secretary.
  2. If all is correct, read carefully and then click "I agree" to confirm you accept the "Declaration" statement above. It is a condition of each WWSC membership that you confirm your acceptance of these terms.
  3. You can now click the button next to "Renew this membership?"
As explained above, there may be one or more additional memberships to renew. If so, repeat the process above for each one.

B. Your Boat Plaque Renewals (please note: our software confusingly refers to "Plaques" as "Moorings")

The next stage is to confirm whether or not you accept the boat plaque(s) you are being offered for 2020. There is a separate box for each plaque that you held previously in your membership.

You will first be shown the type of plaque ("Mooring") you held in the current year. "Premium" and "Tender" plaque holders will be offered exactly the same type of plaque for 2020 as they had this year. However,our old standard "Dinghy Chains" plaques are being replaced. So if you had one of these in 2019, you will be offered one of the new replacement types of plaque for 2020. If you are one of these members, you will only see your new plaque type when you complete this renewal process. But be assured we have provided an equivalent type plaque or (for Laser, Pico and Topper owners) we have followed what you told us in the Questionnaire. If you failed to respond to the Questionnaire, we won't have been able to set up your renewal so you will have to wait until after the renewals are complete to request a 2020 plaque. You can read more about the storage changes here.

For each plaque (mooring) you are offered click either:
  1. "Renew this mooring", or
  2. "I will not be needing this mooring going forward", or
  3. "Do nothing right now" (if you are not sure)
We are very short of space for boat storage, so if you no longer need a space for one or more of your boats, please do not renew your plaque. Please note: You cannot request additional plaques or switch an existing plaque to a different boat as part of your renewal. If you want to do either, please email the Club Secretary separately and we will arrange this.

C. Car park and Engine Sticker renewals

These are the last items to be renewed. All you need to do is to click on the appropriate answer for each item listed.

  1. Look carefully at what you are being offered and make sure it is what you want for 2020.
  2. Please note: You cannot request additional stickers as part of your renewal. If you want to add items, please email the Club Secretary separately.
  3. When you have completed Parts A, B and C above and are happy with your selections Click "Renew selected".

D. Confirming your choices

A new screen will open headed "Confirm renewals" with a summary of the items you selected and those you declined.

  1. Check to make sure that the list of items you are being offered for renewal and the list of those you have declined is correct.
  2. If any are not correct, click "Make changes". This will take you back to the previous screen where you can if necessary edit your responses
  3. If all is correct, please click "Confirm choices".
  4. You have now renewed your membership!

E. Choosing your payment option

You will now be shown the invoice for the items you have just renewed and at the bottom of the page you are given two options on how to pay.

If you are renewing to one of our new types of plaque this is where you will see the new type of plaque you are being offered. It will be either a car park space in the appropriate zone for your boat, or a space on the upper section of chains if your boat is a Laser, Pico or Topper and that was what you requested in our Questionnaire.

You do not have to pay the invoice until January 14 but pay now may mean you don't forget! If you are happy to pay immediately the simplest choice is "Paypal" and if you click on this option you will be taken straight to your Paypal account where you can authorise the payment. Payments made this way automatically synchronise with our accounting software so we don't need any further references from you and don't need to pay our accounting contractor to reconcile it.

If you don't want to pay straightaway by Paypal or if you don't want to use Paypal at all, click "Bank Transfer". Clicking "Bank Transfer" does not initiate a payment. To pay by bank transfer you will need to visit your bank or use online banking (or other means) to instruct your bank to make the transfer to the WWSC account. Please be sure to quote the Invoice No. as the reference as without this information we may not know what the payment is for.

  1. Check the list of items. Note that some parents may find their newly 18 year-old's "Young Adult" membership has been added. If something's wrong, it's too late to change it online. Instead email the Club Secretary.
  2. Click on "Paypal (including credit/debit cards" if you wish to pay immediately using Paypal) OR
  3. Click on "Bank Transfer" if you wish to postpone payment and/or arrange a bank transfer to settle the invoice. If you choose this option, you can always return to the invoice later (see above) and then choose Paypal if that's your preference.
  4. The invoice you can see on the screen will only be emailed to you if you fail to pay it by January 14 in which case an automatic reminder is triggered.
  5. You can view the invoice any time you want by logging in and selecting "Invoices" from the menu in the Members only area of the website. When you do this, you can if you wish still choose to pay by Paypal. Every WWSC invoice contains a Paypal link to make its payment easy.

Last updated 20:54 on 6 August 2020

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